Second Guessing

Hello everyone.

So another week is coming to an end, and once again I’ve had a lot of fine tuning to do. A little update on my last post, I was talking about changing my domain name but after asking on the  Q and A and reading comments I’m stuck at the moment. With all the different input I have received it is hard to decide what is the right way to approach it.

I have such a mental block right now it’s crazy I try to never second guess myself and here I am second guessing my every move even in my everyday life. Big giant no-no, I used to  have this terrible habit in what I refer to as my other life ( A bad place in this life). Fortunately, I know how to get out of this habit which is to not to read into things.

So I think once again I need to reach down deep and remember why I’m here and what I have done to get here, belief in myself. Anyway for what it’s worth maybe there is a little one can take from this, don’t fall back into bad habits, believe in yourself and never second guess yourself because at the end of the day you know what is best for you.

This is probably not a very good blog but staying with practice what you preach this is what came to mind, no second guessing just go with it, It’s my blog so there is no right or wrong if I’m okay with it. Please don’t misconstrue this as I don’t want help or need help, I just need to learn to process things more constructively. Thank for visiting my blog and have a wonderful day.

” The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what others think”

Jon Bowman

29 thoughts on “Second Guessing”

  1. Hey Jon, Thank you for sharing the insight into your past week. It can be tough at times, life is like that huh, swings and roundabouts.

    Despite where you are in your mindset at the moment, you have a good grasp, able to look from the outside in so to speak and know what you need to do to realign as it where.

    I wish you the best
    Look forward to visiting again soon and to reading of your great progress!

  2. Most of the time I think I’m open to feedback, and overall I believe I’m a teachable person, who is ready to learn from anyone. Which doesn’t mean I’m always second-guessing myself. I’m generally pretty confident, and not too bothered by asking “stupid questions” – I don’t like to look stupid – but I also process things out loud and in conversation, so I don’t generally let it bother me.

    But when I’m absolutely certain in what I’m doing, and still people do give me their opinion, or try to correct me, I don’t argue, I don’t try to justify myself (especially if it won’t any difference) – I just move on.

    1. Good advice that will be taken. I do like learning I just seem to go into overload with to much info at one time from multiple sources. I guess it’s like an information buffet, I should have had this instead of that or maybe both lol. Thank you for your input.

      1. Hey Jon,
        This is normal feeling unsure and second guessing every move as we start something new. Like teenagers starting their life we fear what others will think of us expressing our lack of confidence. Take time to learn, stay yourself, get out of your comfort zone and you will gain in confidence. Then you look back on what have been accomplished and you start to be proud of yourself.
        Kind regards,

        1. Hello Martin, thanks for the words of encouragement they definitely help. I’m in for the long haul, just have to keep moving forward. Thanks again and have a great day.

  3. Jon, I think the best way to not fall back into bad habits is to have good mentorship, good coaching and a good community to help you stay focussed – and most of all – they help you fight off the fear of what others think.

    Just keep going and always have your “why” to pull you through.

  4. Hi, I guess there is second-guessing and second chances. Personally, I often find that if I go back over something, the second iteration is better than the first, so for me a second chance to get things right is an important step in my process. For me, it is helpful, not disruptive, or paralyzing. We each need to understand what works for us. So well done on recognizing your Kryptonite and making the decision to not go back and agonise over thinhs

    1. Hey Tony, Thanks for the response, I tend to way over think things if there are too many options and I will second guess myself to death.The sad thing is I know there infinite ways from A to B it’s just the one I choose.

  5. Hi, Jon! Thanks for sharing honestly how your week has gone.

    Maybe, as Tony says, second-guessing is not so bad. Perhaps think of it as re-assessing?

    And then, as you say, let it go.

    The little details are less important than we think.

    And, if you decide they’re worth changing down the line, you’ll have something to share with us.

    After all, no need to have it perfect before you begin!

    Cheers to a lighter week ahead!

    1. Thank you Nakina, The funny thing is I started out just trying to grasp the concept with the intention of going back and fine tuning it all. For some strange reason as time passed I felt like I was lagging because everyone had a better page or more content so I tried to achieve what others have instead of what I want .I just have to remember to be me.

  6. Jon,

    My heart sings when I read the quote ” The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what others think” as this is something I have struggled with since I discovered affiliate marketing over 5 years ago.

    I believe it is important to be conscious of and keep as a daily reminder as I gave up affiliate marketing 2 years ago for that very reason!

    This is a beautiful quote which I will remind myself of daily.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hey Eleanor, these little quotes seem to help me when I get stuck, a little motivation never hurts. I printed one out that sits beside me “When you feel like quitting think about why you started”.

  7. Hey Jon,

    I totally get it I was in the same spot as you. I was trying to decide between a pseudonym or a more company oriented name or my own actual name and I must’ve bought 10 domain names. In the meantime, trying to figure out what would be the best. I understand that. It’s so difficult sometimes to make a decision but I think it’s great that you’ve come to a place where you’re gonna trust your gut and just go for it. I understand what it’s like to have the doubts and going back-and-forth and fearing what other people think but that’s part of the reason why we do this is we want people to value what we say I value this post because I think it was real, honest and authentic and that’s exactly the kind of post that I would be interested in. Thanks for being so , Steph

  8. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I guess many of us go through self doubt many times. Even me as I’m writing this, I’m wondering if this will work.
    I also think that we as a group, if we keep supporting each other, our chances for success can improve. We all are here for the same reason.

    The way I see it is this : If I fear what my family, friends & coworkers might think of me by doing this online business, then at the very least I should not fear this Beginners Advantage group. We as a group has a goal in common. The goal of having a profitable in affiliate marketing by providing value through our blogs.

    1. Hello Albert,I think somewhere down the line we are exposed to something that gives us doubt, maybe it’s a way of protecting ourselves. We are here for the same reason I just need to embrace it. Thank you for the encouragement. Have a great day.

  9. Jon,
    First, You are not alone. Everyone finds themselves second guessing and overwhelmed from time to time. It is just a natural way of life. However, it takes courage to stop over thinking and make choice and run with it. For it is easier to steer a moving ship than one that is stuck in the harbor.

    In most cases neither choice you make is good or bad, it just a matter of what you want.

    I know you have the courage to succeed and I’m thankful you shared this from the heart.

    1. Thanks CJ, It’s just new and I don’t want to doom myself with a dumb decision. I have no doubt I will get settled in and relax, just overthinking. Have a great day.

  10. Jon, I think your domain name is good.

    I believe it is a better to focus on income generating activities, like getting more content on your blog and driving traffic rather than spending too much time deciding on the perfect domain name.

    I am saying this because I had the same struggles in the past.

    I would register a domain name. Then start a blog. Then after a few blog posts, I would think maybe I should use another domain name. (a few weeks gone)

    Then I register a new domain name. Then start a blog again. Transfer content from my old blog to my new one. Write another few blogs posts. Then think maybe another domain name sounds better. (another few weeks gone)

    Then register another new domain name. And the vicious cycle continues. (another few weeks gone)

    All these while, I am not generating any income on my blog because I am not focusing on income generating activities. Then I get discouraged and decided maybe I should not do blogging. Then jump to another method of making money. (another few weeks gone)

    I think the question you should ask yourself is whether changing a new domain name is the best use of your time right now?

    Unless you are absolutely sure that once you change your domain name, you are not going to change your mind again.

    Otherwise, I think the problem is not about your domain name. It is probably some other fears that you have. Changing your domain name might be your subconscious mind looking for a way to procrastinate.

    Anyway, this is just my opinion. Just sharing the mistakes I have made in the past. Hope it can help you in some ways.

  11. Jon, sounds like we both had a few hiccups this week. I had trouble with my custom values and the names weren’t coming out in the email. But got there in the end after digging around. You’re doing really great and sometimes you just should just stop turn around and see how far you’ve come. You’ll be surprised we don’t give ourselves enough credit and what you’re doing isn’t easy. You’re learning completely new skills and you’re doing really well. I look forward to your next blog and your journey continuing to great things. Thanks, Atif

  12. Jon,
    I totally get where you’re coming from in this blog – been there! A few blogs ago, I hit a total blank too. It’s tough when you want to post something, but in the end, you just go for it. Kudos to you for persevering and sharing how you’re feeling and what you’re going through. Many of us experience this, and it’s cool that you’re shedding light on it. Keep pushing on, and like Scarlet in “Gone With The Wind” would say, “Tomorrow is another day.” You got this!

  13. Hi Jon,
    Although you’re having a hard time you sound grounded and and know what you have to do to get in a better head space 🙂 You got this! I appreciate your honesty as you write. It reveals the truth about working through to success… sometimes it sucks, but overall it’s the best! Until your next post.

  14. Yes excuses, procrastination and perfection go hand in hand. Writing about it and sharing with the world exposes vulnerability as well as the fact we are all human. I learn so much here by reading all the blogs as well as all the comments. I’ve stopped watching Netflix and read people’s content, instead! Slowly but surely, Affiliate Marketing as taught by Dean Holland is my favorite obsession.

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