A New Attitude

After bouncing back and forth in my blog and training I have realized that I need to slow down a bit. In my  hast to get things rolling I was not retaining the information so things are kind of a giant clutter with no rhyme nor reason. I am now in the process of backing up, slowing down, and absorbing what I watch and read because  I tried to sneak around the learning curve. Guess what  that didn’t go very well, my bad, I knew better just a little over anxious. The funny thing about it is everything  I shouldn’t be doing is right in the training videos so I have no excuse. Just remember if you fall off your horse dust yourself off and get back on. Thanks again for your time, hope you will return in the future.

12 thoughts on “A New Attitude”

  1. Hi Jon
    You are not the only one who has to dust yourself off, I always have to come back to the video training and start again, so the important thing is never to give up.
    All the best in your journey.

    Ezequiel Wells

  2. Hi Jon…. and your last post was called Slowly but Surely, so now you have proven your point. Better to move forward slowly and get it right than race ahead and get it wrong. I constantly tell my clients “Take Longer to Deliver Sooner”

    Just keep moving a head step by step, I am rooting for you.

    Açç the best

  3. Sometimes, the fastest way to succeed is to take things slowly. It is great that you have the self awareness to recognize you need to slow down. I wished I had the same level of self awareness when I first got started with affiliate marketing.

  4. Hi Jon,
    It’s so easy when we want things to move forward that we might jump ahead to quickly and get confused. You are so right it an easy fix, dust yourself off and get back on that horse with more wisdom this time. Your openness to share your mistake show you’re keeping it real! Keep going and looking forward to your next posts!

  5. Hey Jon, so glad you posted this. Thanks for your honesty. I’ve fallen off the horse so many times I’ve begun think I actually like that more than I like being on it! But, agreed – dust off, mount.

    Looking forward to the results you get from the great things you are doing!

  6. Jon,

    Just like you, I’ve been guilty of jumping ahead and looking for shortcuts to learn things. I was once called backwards from one of my teachers because I took my advanced classes before the basic classes.

    Besides the obvious problems with this, you miss small important details that eventually catchup to you. When starting this I promised myself I would start at the begging , do it in order and follow the path the way it’s laid out.

    I don’t have to know everything today, just the required tasks of the day.

    Thanks for sharing this reminder that when we fall we can get back on the horse and start moving forward again.
    You Got This!!

  7. One step at a time. The most difficult was to break the ice and you did it very well. I use somewhere the allegory of “the Hare and the Turtoise” to talk about the problem we have all at looking ahead with anticipation, hence, focusing on the end results instead of the process. Doing like this, we act more or less like the Hare, willing to go fast but ending behind. Instead we should stick to the process, learn and do each step with a sustained attention. That is, be like the turtle, slowly but surely.

  8. New year, new attitude.
    We sometimes run around like headless chickens. But it is important to slow down and plan ahead. And as per your own advice, slowly but surely you get there.
    I often go back to the training videos. Just have a rule. I do important tasks first before I dive into training, as I do not classify this as a work on my business. Sometimes it takes hours, most of which is nonproductive time. Hence I listen to it at 1.5x speed or listen to training while driving.
    Looks like you are back on track now.
    Will be back soon.

  9. Jon, I know how you feel. Don’t rush, I used to do that. You don’t get anywhere and you get frustrated. Follow the process, learn, be and become the journey. After all, you will teach your audience what you are doing. You are doing great keep going step by step, it will be fine. Thanks, Atif

  10. Hi, Jon! No harm done! I find it’s always helpful to revisit training from time to time to get back to basics. Do you know the Lord of the Rings movies? Viggo Mortensen (who plays Aragorn) said his horse trainer gave him some good advice. Quoting Viggo, “He told me to go slow to go fast…. We live as though there aren’t enough hours in the day, but if we do each thing calmly and carefully we will get it done quicker and with much less stress.” I think about that sometimes. I can be in such a rush to see results that I skim over my tasks, and they’re not done properly. And with my imagination, you know I’m thinking I’m tracking Orcs through Middle Earth in a rush to save my friends but needing to go carefully enough not to miss any tracks. LOL! Today, I’m just enjoying reading one blog at a time while I’m sipping hot cider. But, you betcha, I’m on a mission! 🙂

  11. Jon, we all have been on that same Horse before…LOL Great thing about falling off is that you do have the chance to get back on. You will find that if you cut the corners on something that is laid out square, you will end up with an octagon… 🛑 The benefits of doing it by the plan will far out weigh the progress created by cutting corners. Your back on the Horse now, so get ready for the ride!

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