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Hello everyone, I guess we will see how this goes never written a blog before. So I’m in my third week of training and have hit a snag here and there but with a little patience and help from others I think I am moving along nicely considering I don’t know how to type and am fairly computer illiterate LOL. I think it’s fair to say even an old cowboy-mechanic-welder can be taught something totally out of their comfort zone and it being enjoyable. For me I try to compare cowboying and affiliate marketing, sounds strange but it helps me keep things in order, like advertising for the auction “Traffic” prospective buyers come to the auction “Capture” auctioneer visits  with the prospective buyers “Follow Up” And finally the livestock is sent through to be bid on “Product Offer”. As I go through each step I am going to make comparisons with what I am comfortable with and it should make things easier to understand and hopefully others can try this approach as well. Who knew horses, computers, and livestock could be used to compliment each other. For now I think it’s a start thanks for reading and if for no other reason come back and see if Ican become computer literate. Happy Trails, Jon

12 thoughts on “First Blog Of My Journey”

  1. Hey Jon…tipping my hat to you 🤠 ! Great first post. You have done amazing navigating your way, not giving up when you came up against something new that you didn’t understand, you stayed focused and went looking for the solution. This approach will take you far and is how you will gather your experience. I look forward to following your journey, reading your posts and watching your success.

  2. Hi Jon,

    It’s an interesting post, that bears some similarities to the series of blog posts I have started writing. I am trying to compare Affiliate Marketing with my profession, accountancy. It’s a long way from being a cowboy-mechanic-welder, but it goes to show that operating an Affiliate Marketing business can be compared to all sorts of areas of life.



  3. Hi Jon, great post and love the comparison between cowboying and affiliate marketing!! You said you were computer illiterate but I commend you on a job well done! keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing you succeed!

  4. Jon,

    Congrats on doing your first ever blog post. I like your cowboy analogy. I know it can be daunting at times with all the technology but hang in there and If I can serve you in anyway let me know.

    You Got This!!!

  5. Jon, Hi, Thanks for starting your blog, look forward to following you. It might help you if you dictate to the computer rather than type. You can also do it on your phone and cop it over. All the best, thanks. Atif

  6. Hi Jon,

    Well you certainly put a spin on my thinking. 🙂 It really does help when you can associate something with what you are familiar with. Great first post. I look forward to seeing more as the weeks/months move forward.


  7. Jon,

    Howdy partner! it’s great to see you putting up your first post. I am glad you are trotting along on your journey and making progress. Don’t forget to lean on everyone in the IP community and the “ask anything calls”. They are both very valuable assets.

    Love to see your wins as you progress.


    1. Hello CJ, glad to see you back. Unfortunately, I’ve actually posted more blogs since this one my site is being weird. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. Hope all is well and have a great weekend.

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