My story

Hello, my name is Jon Bowman and this is my blog-The affiliate journey.

So you might want to know what this is about, so let’s jump in .

Well I’m 53 years old and have worked on a large horse outfit for 27 years and now I am a mechanic with a slightly beat up body lol. So I’ve looked at how my future is going to work out no savings, little to no retirement and a limited amount of time to make up for what was not much of a thought when I was younger. Well as I started to look into different ways to supplement my income   I looked to the internet and believing if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, I was a sceptic. After looking into many different programs I stumbled across my now mentor who is just a click away for any and all problems or concerns that may arise which I definitely need being new to this. So here I am a certified affiliate member excited and with a much better mind set and the motivation and the mentorship of Dean Holland  to better my life with affiliate marketing . Thus begins my affiliate journey and I hope you will come along for all the ups and downs to the life I believe we all want and deserve.

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